What is the WRC?

The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina is a nonprofit wireless research hub offering a safe and trusted environment for invention and development of wireless technologies.

We offer:

  • A unique combination of specialized testing facilities, engineering expertise, and intellectual property guidance for commercial, government and academic audiences.
  • A hub facilitating wireless job creation, retention and expansion in the communications, medical and government fields.
  • Facilitation of collaborative industry and university research initiatives through our broad range of commercialization experience, from concept through high-volume production.

For the Next Generation of Wireless

The Wireless Research Center of NC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) research organization positively impacting economic development by providing companies, researchers, and entrepreneurs with a trusted environment wherein they can prove the value and viability of their products and technologies. Our international audience takes advantage of our specialized facilities coupled with applied and theoretical expertise.

Engineering, Consulting, Testing

The Center began offering engineering consultation and limited wireless testing in 2010 and opened its Satimo SG-64 testing system in 2012. In 2013, the center received A2LA and CTIA accreditation and launched a unique hardware-focused incubation process. In, 2014, the center will provide remote, in-field measurement capabilities. This expansion will continue as wireless testing, research customer needs grow.

Telecom, Smart Grid, Wireless Medical

The Center serves a broad range of global customers requiring testing and advice. From fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs with Intellectual property, we advise the following fields:

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Medical
  • Telemedicine
  • Smart Grid
  • Connected Home
  • Rural Broadband
  • Government/Defense

Regulatory and Industry Compliance

  • FCC, CTIA, IEC, and IEEE
  • Guidance CATL/OTA,
  • RF Exposure
  • Standards Body Representation
  • Quality system

Research and Development

  • Antenna and Wireless engineering
  • Consulting; from concept through pre-productionEM
  • Simulation and Ecaluation
  • Prototype fabrication and evaluation
  • Non-profit research grant partnerships

IP and Business Development

  • Intellectual property review and preparation
  • Technical guidance
  • Business guidance and incubation opportunities


  • Satimo SG-64, 400MHz to 18GHz
    • 3-D Antenna Pattern and Polarization
    • Gain, Directivity, Beamwidth, Efficiency
    • Commercial, Defense, and Medical
  • ESD (NSG 438 ESD Simulator)
  • Custom Mechanical and Environmental evaluations