Dr. Barts received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. He has more than two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of antennas and RF systems. He has developed antennas for commercial and government applications. As one of the founders and CTO of Mohu, he developed a paper thin antenna for over-the-air TV reception which became a best seller on Amazon and in major retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. He has worked with satellite systems, designing commercial ground station antennas for Andrew Corporation, supporting national technical assets at Aerospace Corporation. He has experience in RF propagation modeling and measurements, having developed propagation models for mobile satellite system for NASA, which were later used in developing Iridium and SirusXM satellite systems. He has led near earth propagation measurement programs for counter-IED development while at ARA. As the Director of R&D for Industrial Microwave Systems he spearheaded development of high power (up to 100 kW) industrial microwave heating systems for commercial and research applications. At the Wireless Center of North Carolina, Dr. Barts provides engineering support on antennas and RF systems and measurements to commercial and government customers. He helps Wireless Center customers develop new products and services as well as address RF design and certification issues.