Dr. Swartz received his bachelor’s degree from MIT and his Ph.D. from Duke University, both in electrical engineering, developing ultrafast lasers, millimeter wave and optical instruments. He has over thirty years’ electrical engineering and project management experience performing research and development in industrial,medical, university, and defense labs. He has designed and built RF and laser labs and developed RF and antenna systems and instrumentation for wireless sensor networks, cubesat’s, novel DoD satellite applications, and medical imaging systems.  He has taught university courses in applied optics and graduate E&M; for DoD clients he has supported training in antennas, sensors, and electronics for field applications.  His most recent
work has focused on novel aircraft antennas; RF, magnetic, and optical sensors; and electronics and instrumentation for MASINT, tagging-tracking-locating, and EW field applications. He holds two patents, is an active amateur radio operator, and holds an active security clearance.