Dr. Takamizawa received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. He has more than two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of antennas and RF systems development for broad spectrum of industries including consumer electronics, aerospace, medical, and industrial instrumentation. At Wireless Research Center of North Carolina where he is currently employed, Dr. Takamizawa leads engineering team to provide research, development and consulting services for RF systems and antenna. He has specifically worked on the antenna designs and testing, propagation measurements and modeling, verification test methods and test fixture development, FCC and FAA certification test oversights, RF system design, testing and debugging for various customers. He is also in charge of the technical oversight for the CTIA Over-the-Air (OTA), Verizon OTA, and Antenna performance certification testing services that Wireless Center provides. He has worked with antenna systems design and development for mobile handsets and machine-to-machine applications at Sony Ericsson and HTC, and geostationary communication satellite antennas and NASA deep space spacecraft communication antennas design and development. He was also involved in developing advanced test measurement system design and development for the verification of new technologies at these companies. He was also involved in technology development and scouting for the near future and long term product development at those companies.