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The DNA of the IoT in RDU – Our friends at Verizon Wireless have been working with us on a four-part series on our Carolina Connections radio show on Business RadioX. Thus far, we’ve uncovered much about the overall landscape for the burgeoning Internet of Things, and it looks as though North Carolina is really beginning to take a strong leadership position in this space. Read more…

CTIA Certified Wireless Testing – with Benefits – According to CTIA, the United States leads the world in development and deployment of wireless technologies. But how safe are these products – and how well do they really work?

Business RadioX Bridges to Business hosts Wireless Research Center – On January 2, 2014, the Wireless Research Center visited Wilmington, NC to meet with business leaders and uncover some partnership opportunities. While there, they visited the studios of Business RadioX in Historic Downtown Wilmington. Listen to them here, along with Shaun Olsen of CloudWyze as they discuss wireless technology, the Center, and opportunities.

Top 3 Reasons to Connect – If you are developing new wireless technologies, or work in the telecommunications, medical, or government/defense industries, WRCNC can provide innovative intelligence, testing and economic development opportunities. Here are four key areas in which we offer outstanding ROI: read more…


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Two great research organizations are defining next generation Phantom testing in the emerging market for wearable devices
Wake Forest, NC – March 16, 2015 – The IT’IS Foundation for Research onInformation Technologies in Society of Zurich, Switzerland and theWireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC), aPopeye non-profit 501(c)(3) research organization, have reached an agreement to address the need for the development of performance testing procedures for a broad range of next generation on-body, wearable, and near-body wireless devices for commercial, industrial, and medical applications.   More…

Wireless Research Center of NC Secures Three Portable Towers, Establishing Portable Wireless Network Testing
Wake Forest, NC– November 6, 2014 — The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC) has acquired three portable radio towers, thanks to a grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation. This expands WRC’s support of wireless technology expansion throughout North Carolina.

The towers will be used to support the design, development and deployment of fixed wireless networks for a wide range of services throughout the state. These services will include the delivery and expansion of rural broadband connectivity, telemedicine, smart metering, and advanced air-to-ground networks for commercial aviation and unmanned air systems (UAS). The Center will also be working with communities to expand their emergency service networks.  More…

Carolina Connections “Wireless Connections Special Episode” on Gives Voice to Internet of Things Facilitators
RALEIGH, NC–(Marketwired – October 15, 2014) – A special Wireless Connections edition of the October 7, 2014, Carolina Connections on Metro Raleigh Business RadioX featured Ed White, Chairman & CEO with Field2Base, Inc., Bob Thomas, VP of Sales with ClearConnex, and Ryan Keefe, VP of Sales with Wyless. These three companies each facilitate corporate adoption of wireless technologies, and were interviewed by host Ann Revell-Pechar and the Wireless Research Center of NC’s Dr. Gerard Hayes and Larry Staffann.  More…

Some ‘thing’ is really happening in Triangle: The Internet of Things
HQ Raleigh hopped Tuesday night with 95 people gathered around the bar to share in fresh-tapped beer and subs – and to talk about ‘Things’. After a show of hands, about 50% self-identified themselves as working on an ‘Internet of Things’(IoT) project – also known as Machine to Machine (M2M). They all came to RIoT: the Raleigh Internet of Things Meetup.

The organizers, which included the Wireless Research Center of NC and StepLeader, propose that there is some “thing” big going on here. And the groundswell seems to be rising for those who want to cement the Triangle as the foundation for the Internet of Things leadership position.  More…

Raleigh Internet of Things Event to Focus on NC as Center of Internet of Things Activity

Wake Forest, NC– September 10, 2014 – The metro Raleigh area is quickly becoming the center of the new Internet of Things (IoT) community. To underscore and build upon this fact, StepLeader and the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC) have joined together to organize the second Raleigh Internet of Things (RIoT) Meetup. The event, free for developers and enthusiasts, will be held Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at HQ Raleigh, 310 South Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC. More…

Webinar on Wireless Medical Device Global Regulations Registration Deadline Extended to June 5
Wake Forest, NC – June 4, 2014
WHO  The U.S. Department of Commerce – U.S. Commercial Service
WHAT  Webinar: global regulations for wireless medical devices.
WHEN   Date: June 5, 2014   Time: 2:00pm EDT   Cost: $55
WHY   The wireless health market is expected to reach $59.7 billion by 2018. Each country has its own set of regulations for wireless medical devices, complicating development. Prepare to go to market in places like US, EU, Canada, Japan, Israel and Korea with the information gained during this seminar.

Thingovation Sets up Home at Wireless Research Center of NC
Wake Forest, NC– May 15, 2014 — Thingovation, LLC, a new company providing  software, hardware, business and project management for companies launching Internet of Things connected devices, has moved to its new home within the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC). The Center provides research, development and commercialization expertise in RF and Antenna design, critical components for Thingovation’s clients.

UNCW’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Expand Services Through Partnership with Wireless Research Center of North Carolina
Wilmington, N.C. – April 4, 2014 – The University of North Carolina Wilmington Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has partnered with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRCNC) to further support research and commercialization for local technology-based startups. Through events and regular CIE office hours, the WRCNC will offer their network and expertise to hardware and technology companies in the Southeastern region.

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