Economic Development

With an economic development mission, we are deeply involved with other economic development centered organizations. The Center was founded specifically to create economic impact and create jobs. We will achieve this by creating companies and enhancing intellectual property. The combination of strong commercial value proposition along with protected IP should allow new companies to flourish. Our partners in this endeavor have the same mission with varying differences that their organization brings to the community. We see creating a strong Clean Tech Cluster, along with delivering low cost broadband to both the rural and urban communities as creating a healthier and commercial viable community. Our partners may be serving defense, nanotechnology, fiber networks, or the rural community at large.  The WRC works collaboratively with these partners to ensure a stronger tomorrow.


We grow as our entrepreneurs continue to grow, supporting innovation.

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University relationships

University partnerships help build our community and will assist projects in the future.

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Business Partners

We partner with businesses to create business, we measure our success on their success.

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