The DNA of the IoT in RDU

Our friends at Verizon Wireless have been working with us on a four-part series on our Wireless Connections radio show on Business RadioX. Thus far, we've uncovered much about the overall landscape for the burgeoning Internet of Things, and it looks as though North Carolina is really beginning to take a strong leadership position in this [...]

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Global Convergence Opportunities: Medical Devices

The tremendous potential for new applications of wireless-enabled medical devices has spurred significant innovation of late. Combining medical assistance with power of broadband can improve healthcare for everyone throughout the world. Yet, those in the U.S. tend to think first about designing to address FDA and FCC regulations. That’s complicated enough. But as you consider your [...]

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WRC Welcomes Bright Wolf to the Commercialization Center

The WRCNC is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Commercialization Center: Bright Wolf. Bright Wolf’s Arbor software platform makes businesses smarter and more efficient by connecting wireless technologies to enterprise systems. They’ve helped countless companies get more from their Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. It’s no wonder WRC is so thrilled to [...]

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AT&T Partners with WRC

WRC NC does it again. In continuing effort to develop strong relationships with those impacting the future of wireless technologies, a new opportunity has arisen. As of February 15, WRC will work with AT&T Emerging Device Organization as an approved technology partner. This partnership expands not only reach, but depth of opportunity to integrate wireless [...]

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Secretary Decker’s Visit to WRC: Why She’s Intrigued

Much like the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” ensuring digital broadband access to every citizen in the state of North Carolina will take the efforts of a number of groups – public and private … and non-profit. When the Wireless Research Center welcomed North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker on [...]

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CTIA Certified Wireless Testing – with Benefits

According to CTIA, the United States leads the world in development and deployment of wireless technologies. But how safe are these products – and how well do they really work? As the largest trade association for the wireless industry, CTIA has developed a series of tests to verify the efficacy of wireless products.  Specific requirements [...]

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Business RadioX Bridges to Business hosts Wireless Research Center

On the Radio: Larry Steffann, Dr. Gerald Hayes on Business RadioX. Listen here: Dr. Gerard Hayes and Larry Steffann/Wireless Research Center of NC Dr. Gerard Hayes is the President and Founder of the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina. Dr. Hayes has more than two decades of experience in government and commercial electromagnetic research and design. [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to Connect

Why connect with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina? That depends on your interest in wireless. If you are developing new wireless technologies, or work in the telecommunications, medical, or government/defense industries, WRCNC can provide innovative intelligence, testing and economic development opportunities. Here are four key areas in which we offer outstanding ROI: •   [...]

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