brightwolf_badgeThe WRCNC is pleased to announce the newest addition to the Commercialization Center: Bright Wolf. Bright Wolf’s Arbor software platform makes businesses smarter and more efficient by connecting wireless technologies to enterprise systems. They’ve helped countless companies get more from their Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

It’s no wonder WRC is so thrilled to have Bright Wolf on board. Bright Wolf is in a strong growth position, having recently grown out of Groundwork Labs. Its products and services are a great match for other companies on site, and many of the companies served by WRC.

Bright Wolf is developing platforms and services for M2M and IoT devices, which allow them to interact easily with other devices and systems. The accelerated adoption of IoT and M2M technologies enables businesses to make decisions in real-time based on validated real-world data.  M2M and IoT systems eliminate sources of human error and reduce risk across enterprises.

Bright Wolf’s Arbor platform operates under some of the harshest conditions, including Power Generation, Mining and Construction, Locomotives, Rail Maintenance Equipment, and Tractor Trailers.   Accessing and integrating real-world sensor data has never been easier for enterprises.  A sampling of the sensor technologies supported by the Arbor platform include: tire pressure, GPS, refrigeration, J1939 and Modbus.

Today’s M2M and IoT systems are extremely sophisticated, so delivering them requires a flexible, robust, enterprise validated platform built on a strong research-based foundation. Bright Wolf is the perfect complement to WRC, and we’re thrilled they’ve chosen to join other firms in our center, including RF2 Antenna and Fokus Labs, among others.

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