Much like the saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” ensuring digital broadband access to every citizen in the state of North Carolina will take the efforts of a number of groups – public and private … and non-profit. BlogSharonDecker.png

When the Wireless Research Center welcomed North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker on Monday, February 3, her determination to help make that happen was palatable.

She emphasized on her tour of the facility (with Gerry Hayes in photo) that it will take access to broadband across the entire state of North Carolina is to see resurgence in manufacturing and agriculture leadership.

Of course – Secretary Decker was like most visitors to the Center… she was excited to tour the Satimo test chamber – where all these photos were taken. She voiced her surprise that North Carolina had this unique testing facility—in a non-profit center, funded in part by the City of Wake Forest and the Golden Leaf Foundation.

To demonstrate just how committed the region is to this endeavor, a veritable assembly of leaders came to underscore their commitment and encourage the State’s involvement in its success. In attendance was Vivian Jones, the Mayor of Wake Forest, Dr. John W. Harden, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Office of Science and Technology, Phil Emer of One Network, and Maria Akridge, President of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce (pictured at right). Decker WRC visit group photo 2-03014

“We are honored to have been recognized by the Secretary of Commerce, the Mayor, and so many other leaders in both technology and economic development,” said Dr. Gerard Hayes, Present and CEO of WRCNC. “By partnering with the Department of Commerce and its partners throughout the state, the Wireless Research Center can begin to ensure broadband throughout North Carolina and create more jobs in wireless research technology.”

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