According to CTIA, the United States leads the world in development and deployment of wireless technologies. But how safe are these products – and how well do they really work?

As the largest trade association for the wireless industry, CTIA has developed a series of tests to verify the efficacy of wireless products.  Specific requirements change with the times, because as industry standards change, certification testing changes with it.

The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRCNC) is one of only 28 CTIA certified testing facilities in the United States, and the only one in the Carolinas. Dr. Gerard Hayes, CEO and President of the WRCNC, sees receiving CTIA certification as a strong marketing tool for economic development in North Carolina.

“Our testing facility has a lot going for it,” said Dr. Hayes. “The Center is an ISO 17025 accredited facility and a certified CTIA Test Lab for over-the-air (OTA) testing of cellular devices. In addition to its CTIA accreditation, we offer Antenna Characterization, OTA, ESD, and RSE testing services. We’re very accessible (right outside of Raleigh), and we’re a non-profit, which gives those who test here added benefits.”

What benefits? Perhaps the most important is the security of your Intellectual Property, and access to patent review services for those in-process. Entrepreneurs, especially, can benefit from our other offerings:

  • product development support
  • regulatory guidance
  • business development/commercialization support.

According to this CTIA Economic Report, the US has more than double the number of wireless broadband subscriptions than any other country, and has, within the last five years, outpaced Japan and Europe in productivity, with an ever-increasing number of wireless technologies, computers, and telecommunications.

Wireless technology is our future – for consumers, in the workplace, in health care, and in field service automation (GPS). Because of the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina’s newly CTIA-accredited status, the Center is growing exponentially and will continue to offer state-of-the-art testing for new technologies from both new and established companies.


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