Wireless Research Center of NC Unveils New Program for Wireless Testing, Targets Academia and Research

Wake Forest, N.C. – January 28, 2014 –The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRCNC) has begun a new testing program that offers significant discounts for universities, research and non-profit institutions utilizing the Center’s testing facilities. The Center will offer half hour test blocks to research partners, saving them significantly over the four hour minimum [...]

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CTIA Certified Wireless Testing – with Benefits

According to CTIA, the United States leads the world in development and deployment of wireless technologies. But how safe are these products – and how well do they really work? As the largest trade association for the wireless industry, CTIA has developed a series of tests to verify the efficacy of wireless products.  Specific requirements [...]

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Business RadioX Bridges to Business hosts Wireless Research Center

On the Radio: Larry Steffann, Dr. Gerald Hayes on Business RadioX. Listen here: Dr. Gerard Hayes and Larry Steffann/Wireless Research Center of NC Dr. Gerard Hayes is the President and Founder of the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina. Dr. Hayes has more than two decades of experience in government and commercial electromagnetic research and design. [...]

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