Why connect with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina? That depends on your interest in wireless.

If you are developing new wireless technologies, or work in the telecommunications, medical, or government/defense industries, WRCNC can provide innovative intelligence, testing and economic development opportunities. Here are four key areas in which we offer outstanding ROI:

•    Wireless Developers: WRCNC offers access to specialized testing facilities and expertise not available elsewhere in the state – and in some cases, available in only one other place in the world. Antenna and wireless testing and consulting is available from concept through production for commercial, defense and medical markets. We can also conduct EM Simulation/Evaluation and be your non-profit partner for research grants.

•    Economic development: We are North Carolina’s wireless research hub, enhancing job creation, retention and expansion around the ever-growing field of wireless technology. Our entire mission is centered on making North Carolina a rich and viable center of wireless research and product commercialization.

•     Universities/Research: WRCNC serves as a catalyst for university research initiatives in wireless and antenna technology by providing cost effective, ready access test laboratories and expertise.  Being a part of the WRCNC will make area universities more competitive when seeking government and commercial research grants and also more competitive in the commercialization of technology.

•    Certification: our testing facilities are certified by CTIA, offering your products the seal-of-approval they need before making proof points available to the public. We work closely with agencies like the FCC, CTIA, IEC and IEEE and therefore can offer guidance on projects for standard body activities. The WRCNC can provide support for quality systems, OTA and RF exposure.

If you are not connected to WRCNC, learn more by following the link and connect with us today!

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